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Narrows West is proud to present its Salt Spring Island properties. It has taken 6 years to plan & meet the requirements to create these exceptional Lots in an area known for its


Salt Spring Island is of primary importance & required by law to preserve & protect the area & its environment for all of British Columbia. As a result Narrows West, a residential community of detailed planning within an area of ecological significance was approached in a sensitive manner.

Narrows West Lots that will be offered for sale are limited. This approach is part of the careful plan of Narrows West to ensure that the Lots develop in a gradual manner & remain entrusted for the care & enjoyment of future generations.

Most of the Lots of Narrows West are bare land & ready to build with approved plans. Access & the availability of services are in place.

Contact our Realtor. Bring your architect & sketch your dream home.

11 Oceanfront Lots:
* 2 bare land Oceanfront Lots;
* 1 Oceanfront Lot with a lovely cedar Guest Cottage nestled at the sea shore;
* 1 Oceanfront Lot with a fully renovated mid century modern Residence perched at the sea shore with more than 180 degrees of sea views, & with a separate Indoor Swimming Pool or Studio building & a double car Garage; &
* 7 Oceanfront Lots that are Reserved for the Owners & their family.

10 Oceanfront or Ocean View Strata Lots:
* 1 Oceanfront Lot with a charming Log Cabin Studio;
* 8 bare land Ocean View Lots with magnificent vistas; &
* 1 bare land Ocean View Lot that is Reserved for the Owners,

As a Strata Lot Owner you have a 1/10th ownership in the Common Property which includes a private park-like nature preserve & other recreational lands of over 60 acres and 277 feet of ocean frontage. The planned buildings & other amenities of the Common Property include: ocean swimming, private moorage dock for 10 boats; library/studio; gardens & orchards; chicken coop; beach house & deck for bbq, sun & recreation; hiking trial rest building; office & storage building; barn storage building & the other recreational features such as bocce & horseshoe courts, canoes, kayaks & rowboat.

1 Estate Oceanfront Lot:
* 14.2 acres at the sea shore nicely structured for a residence, seasonal guest cottage and other accessory buildings & with over 1/3 mile of ocean frontage plus 152 acres of a private park-like nature preserve.

Each of the Lots of Narrows West is unique. Attention addressed the natural light, sun, sunsets, sea, mountain, forest views & sight vantage points of each of the Lots.

You will need to visit more than once to view & appreciate it all.

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